What To Expect During The Winter Ski Season

Just like everything else, the Winter Ski Season is going to be very different this year due to the pandemic. Our friends at SnowBrains.com have some great advice on what you can expect if you're visiting ski resorts or the backcountry. 

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Please Be Kind in the Mountains This Winter

Two things kill more than anything—kindness, and avalanches. But only one is healthy towards our collective ski season this winter.

Ski season is going to be weird this season. Life is going to be weird this season.

There’s going to be more people in the backcountry than ever before and ski resorts (the ones that will still be open) are going to be crowded. Facemasks will be mandatory at virtually all ski areas and a lot of people are going to be stressed out. So let’s all be a little more kind this season, why don’t we? Let’s kill bad energy with kindness. Let’s ensure a positive experience both on and off the hill, and not kill each other—literally.

Liftlines, mandatory facemasks, grumpy skiers and snowboarders trying to get on the now socially-distanced hill: we can expect a unique experience at ski resorts across the U.S. this season...(article continues)


Winter Ski Season


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Written by Bill Banks