On Thursday night, May 7, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary showcased Boost Oxygen on the popular home shopping network QVC! If you missed the broadcast, you can now watch the footage courtesy of QVC on YouTube.


O’Leary, who invested in Boost Oxygen during season 11 of Shark Tank, explained his love of the product on QVC:


“When you take a breath at sea level, it’s 21% oxygen. Who wouldn’t want 95% oxygen? When I saw this product on Shark Tank and I took my first inhalation, I thought ‘This idea is brilliant!’. Who wouldn’t want to have portable oxygen? I love innovation on Shark Tank!”


Boost Oxygen has also been a popular feature during his weekly online broadcasts for YouTube and LinkedIn. O’Leary always has our pure oxygen canisters within reach in his office for a quick boost of energy!


Watch the footage of Kevin O’Leary and Boost Oxygen on QVC below – and thanks to everyone that tuned in to see it!



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Written by Bill Banks