Video: The Top 5 Experiential Stories Of 2020

Presenting the Top Five ‘Experiential Stories’ from 2020…there IS something to feel good about; and we can all benefit from feeling good about anything here in 2020. We have always valued being ‘real and genuine’ about who implements Boost Oxygen – we don’t have any paid or celebrity endorsers, so we created a place to share real stories of amazing people, what they are doing and why they have Boost Oxygen.

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These are the Top 5 Experiential Stories of 2020!


5. Runner, Nurse, Essential Healthcare Worker

Erica has been a longtime advocate for the benefits of Boost; especially since she became passionate about running, completing her first marathon last year, and being an essential worker during this coronavirus pandemic – she is a Registered Nurse who has spent time at a COVID-19 testing center; with Boost at her side.

4, At-Altitude Adventures - #AltitudeIsNoJoke

The most intuitive place for the use of Boost Oxygen is for at-altitude adventures; intuitive for those aware enough to understand the effects of hypoxia on the body and mind, that is. Many people are NOT aware – and they aren’t prepared. They think if they are young enough, fit enough or drink enough gallons of water they’re all-good. It’s not really about all of that. There’s a genetic component. Brian Flick tells the story of a encountering a struggling novice hiker. 

3 Regina - Pickleball

Pickleball is all the rage as a popular sport in the United States. Contrary to what you may think, it isn’t just for senior citizens. Regina is a 24-year old professional pickleball player, had to overcome some challenges to get where she is, and implements Boost along the way. Her story features inspirational advice from her Mom while at a young age.

2. Patrick Sweeney – The Fear Guru (and talking about coronavirus)

Patrick is a global adventurer who understands how and why an elite-level athletes benefits from supplemental oxygen – he learned about it while training at the United States Olympic Training Center in the early 90’s. These days he travels the world, scaring himself constantly, because he has done neuroscience based research that #FearIsFuel – and he has Boost with him.

1. Christy Gardner – Wounded Warrior, Veteran, Hero

Christy is an inspirational figure any way you look at her story. She is an Army veteran, a double amputee wounded warrior who plays sled hockey for USA Hockey and the USA Warriors, she relies on her Service Dog Moxie but also adopts and trains puppies to become therapy and service dogs, and he story was recently shared as a children’s book called ‘LUCKY…Little Guy, BIG Mission’. We are so proud to know she and her New England Warriors teammates have Boost to support their on-ice performance. We share her story – including the feature that appeared on CBS Sunday Morning.

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Written by Brian Hoek