The Athletes Of MARS Turf Wars Kickball Use Boost Oxygen For Energy And Endurance

We are always very proud to see our bottles of Boost Oxygen in-hand and implemented by athletes. Not only by the elite and professional athletes of the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA, but by the everyday athlete as well. Here we are featuring the story of Arion and an organization that hosts fun, competitive and well-organized kickball tournaments throughout the Southeast. When is the last time YOU played kickball? 

“My name is Arion Herbert and I'm the co-owner of an adult recreational sports club called M.A.R.S, which stands for Main Attraction Recreational Sports. My wife and I started this organization in 2016 with the hopes and aspirations of providing each and every one of our participants with a sports and social experience like no other.”

Experiential Story: Playmar Sports

“Our business started off shaky like most, but we were able to quickly create an inclusive culture through the various sports that we offered such as softball, basketball, and adult kickball. Our activities were primarily facilitated in the local Charlotte market and catered mainly to participants that were committed to staying active and networking, all while only capturing a very small audience of highly competitive athletes. 

After about 3 years or so, my wife and I noticed an opportunity to expand our product by offering competitive ‘Adult Kickball’ on a national stage. We accomplished this by creating a series of kickball tournaments titled as "Turf Wars" - a kickball tournament designed to attract competitive players from all across the nation.

Although we've seen adult kickball tournaments facilitated by other groups, we took a slightly different approach. We started off by paying a higher cash prize to attract top talent, which was followed by partnering with local businesses in the community and various sponsors in an attempt to increase the spotlight and exposure of the Turf Wars product that we created.”

Experiential Story: Playmar Sports

“As a result, we noticed that players and teams began intensely training for our tournaments. Players felt obligated to perform better all around. Players trained on increasing their speed, strength, and most importantly their endurance. After noticing the vigorous training, my wife and I began researching products that we believed would be a direct contribution to helping players accomplish their performance goals. 

After months of research we discovered Boost Oxygen. Initially we were intrigued by the idea of supplemental oxygen, but knew very little about the product itself or how our athletes could truly benefit from it. We were able to connect with Brian, and after one conversation I knew that Boost Oxygen was exactly what our athletes needed to accomplish their performance goals.”

Experiential Story: Playmar Sports

“A full day of Turf Wars competition generally leads to early fatigue. However, after partnering with Boost Oxygen we noticed how players are now satisfying their respiratory needs in support of their energy, endurance and performance. Essentially this allows our athletes to play at a competitive level for longer durations of the game and tournament - which makes for a better overall product. The word has traveled fast within the kickball community and we now offer Boost Oxygen at every one of our tournaments.”


We are inspired by the passion and dedication of Arion and the entire organization for putting together and presenting world class tournaments. They support their athlete community with a tournament livestream, weekly podcasts, social media content, engaged tournament sponsors (including Dick’s Sporting Goods), generating media coverage (ESPN Radio did a broadcast from the recent tournament in Richmond, Virginia) and of course making the best sports performance and recovery products available to their participants.

You can keep up with Main Attraction Recreational Sports by visiting their website ( and following them on social media; @playmarsports on Instagram. The next kickball tournament is coming up for the weekend of July 31 in Charlotte, North Carolina; get your team together and be there!

Boost Oxygen will be available on-site at tournaments and is always available nationwide at trusted sporting goods retailers, including Academy Sports + Outdoors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, SCHEELS, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Dunham’s Sports, Pure Hockey, Hockey Monkey, Sun & Ski Sports, Christy Sports, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

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Written by Brian Hoek