Boost Oxygen Testimonial: "Finally, I'm getting Oxygen. It was so emotional I almost cried."

There are many excellent Boost Oxygen reviews on YouTube and we appreciate everyone who posts such positive reviews of our portable 95% pure oxygen product! These YouTube video reviews are great sources of information for new customers as well as testimonials about the benefits of Boost Oxygen for all-natural respiratory support.

We are featuring many of these great Boost Oxygen YouTube reviews on our Learning Center. Check out this testimonial from Haley, who has a YouTube channel devoted to CDB and Wellness.

Haley shares a great testimonial in her video “Practical Tips Dealing With COVID" - she got COVID in December and suffered from the effects for several weeks. Each time she went to the hospital, they sent her home without any resources to help her feel better. She still felt horrible and struggled with lack of energy due to low oxygen levels. Five weeks into her suffering, her father ordered her some Boost Oxygen.

“This was a lifesaver - I cannot tell you how helpful this was.” She went on to say “Finally, I’m getting some air - it was so emotional I almost cried.”

Listen to Haley’s entire story in the video, as well as how Boost Oxygen helped her regain her focus and mental acuity when she returned to work. 

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Written by Bill Banks