Supplemental Oxygen Can Provide Respiratory Support During Poor Air Quality

Millions of Americans on the West Coast are experiencing an immediate emergency as their neighborhoods and communities are being destroyed or threatened by wildfires. All of which is also happening during a pandemic. These wildfires have also led to poor air quality issues and major health concerns.

Poor Air Quality


Up and down the West Coast, many people have had their lives upended as fires have engulfed homes and destroyed entire communities. Each day we all see images of despair and desperation as these fires continue to spread.

At the same time, those same people are also experiencing breathing issues from the wildfires. Cities and towns are being covered in a thick haze of smoke that is causing headaches, dizziness, nausea and respiratory health issues. Poor air quality can mean less Oxygen in the air. The air we normally breathe contains only 21% Oxygen - the majority is 78% Nitrogen. For people with pre-existing breathing problems, the situation can be extremely dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. Millions are being forced to stay indoors to avoid the horrible air quality.

Reuters: Headaches and hospital visits as wildfire smoke blankets the west coast

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The situation hit close to home for Boost Oxygen this week as one of our employees and his family are now in the danger zone. Our Digital Marketing Manager Mike Grill, who lives with his wife and children in the Portland area, is now one of many being threatened by advancing wildfires. Mike provided us with the below video of his neighborhood, which is now covered in smoke from nearby fires. According to Mike, he’s been experiencing breathing issues and headaches from the poor air quality, but Boost Oxygen has provided much-needed relief.

“Boost Oxygen has been an absolute lifesaver here the past few days with all the smoke in Portland,” Grill wrote on his LinkedIn page. “Even with the doors and windows closed and the house sealed, I’ve been getting headaches that a few inhalations of Boost Oxygen clears up.”

If you’re on the West Coast and currently experiencing the same poor air quality issues that Mike is, we hope you will try our product. Everyone can be affected by poor air quality, including residents, firefighters and first responders. Boost Oxygen is portable 95% Pure Oxygen for all-natural and healthy respiratory support. Boost Oxygen is available at many retailers and you don’t need a prescription to purchase our oxygen canisters.

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Boost For Air Quality

IMPORTANT: Boost Oxygen IS NOT a substitute for doctor prescribed medical-grade Oxygen. Our portable 95% Pure Oxygen canisters can provide immediate respiratory support, but our product does not treat or cure breathing conditions that require treatment from a doctor. If you are experiencing severe breathing issues due to wildfires, please contact your doctor right away or seek immediate medical treatment at a hospital.

To everyone on the West Coast reading this who has had their lives affected in any way by the wildfires, please stay safe, help each other and keep the faith!

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Written by Bill Banks