Research Supports The Benefits Of Rosemary in THINK TANK For Memory And Focus

Since we first launched THINK TANK (powered by Boost Oxygen) in 2019, it has become one of our most popular products for students and senior citizens. THINK TANK is 95% pure oxygen with organic Rosemary aromatherapy – our own nootropic product specifically made for all-natural and healthy cognitive support for memory and focus.

What is a “nootropic”? Definition: Nootropics are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

Think Tank powered by Boost Oxygen

But THINK TANK is not a drug like Adderall or Ritalin (or worse). It’s not a multi- vitamin. It’s not caffeine or an energy drink loaded with sugar. THINK TANK is all-natural and healthy fuel for your brain – a brain refresher.

Why do we say this? Independent studies have shown that increasing the oxygen level intake has benefits such as memory, focus and energy. Rosemary aroma has been independently studied and found to increase short term memory up to 75%. How? There are compounds in Rosemary oil that help with memory retention. This is nothing new – scholars in ancient Greece were known to wear wreaths of rosemary around their brow to improve recall while taking exams. Rosemary aroma is being increasingly researched and implemented with both the young and old, and its use as an all-natural, safe and drug-free cognitive supporter is becoming more accepted and widespread globally.

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Who Uses Think Tank?

THINK TANK is perfect for students, who need memory and focus throughout the school semester. It’s a portable must-have for any dorm room and great as a study aid for a quick boost of energy to stay focused when cramming long hours for an exam.

It’s also ideal for any busy professional who needs to stay focused when multitasking. As our work schedules become more hectic with nonstop meetings, projects and calls (and not to mention juggling family life and personal time), it can all seem very overwhelming at times. Even the most organized business professional needs help from time to time. That’s why THINK TANK makes perfect sense for focus and energy during the workday to help stay on track!

THINK TANK can also be a great cognitive support product for senior citizens. As we get older, our cognitive ability and mental sharpness can often decline. Exercise and a proper diet are very important to stay active - both physically AND mentally. THINK TANK is a portable and convenient wellness aid for the mind during your golden years. It helps clear the cobwebs to help you wake up faster in the morning, provides a quick boost of pure oxygen for energy if you get winded and also helps maintain mental acuity and focus during your daily activities.

In addition, THINK TANK can also help the effects of mask fatigue during the current crisis. With the need for wearing a protective mask during the day for longer periods, THANK TANK is small enough to fit in any purse or bag to carry for when you need pure oxygen to feel refreshed while wearing your mask!

Breathe Smarter: Research and Articles

Is there research that supports the benefits of Rosemary aromatherapy in THINK TANK? YES there is! However, before we share these articles, we’d like to answer a common question we are asked about our product – “Is it canned air?”

No, it is not canned air.

The air you normally breathe is ONLY 21% oxygen, with the majority being useless 78% nitrogen. Many people are surprised to learn that fact. Boost Oxygen products are lab-tested and certified 95% pure oxygen.

Atlantic Analytical Laboratory, the number-one expert gas analysis laboratory in the northeast United States for nearly 50 years, reports our product contains 95% pure oxygen. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR REPORT ON OUR PRODUCT.

AAL Report

UL LLC has also performed an oxygen test on our product. UL LLC is a global safety certification company headquartered in Illinois. It maintains offices in 46 countries. UL is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the U.S. federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (otherwise known as OSHA). OSHA maintains a list of approved testing laboratories, which are known as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. UL LLC found Boost Oxygen contains 95% pure oxygen. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR REPORT ON OUR PRODUCT

UL LLC Report

So rest assured, our Boost Oxygen canisters are not “canned air”. They are indeed full of 95% pure oxygen!

Now, back to the research!

Breathe Smarter!

Breathe smarter – read the research about the benefits of Rosemary aromatherapy as an all-natural cognitive support for focus and memory! Click on the links below for all the research info:






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Written by Bill Banks