Video: Proof that Boost Oxygen raises Oxygen Levels at High Altitude

We're often asked to show proof that Boost Oxygen helps raise oxygen levels to help with altitude acclimation for visitors to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. Here's a video from Boost Oxygen owner and CEO Rob Neuner right after he arrived in Colorado and used Boost Oxygen along with a pulse oximeter to measure his oxygen levels:


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(from Summit Daily, serving Summit County, Colorado)

At 9,000 feet in Summit County, it’s no secret that the air is thinner than at sea level in San Francisco or New York City. Thinner air means your body works harder to get the oxygen it needs to perform on the trail, slopes or even walking up the stairs, and that extra work puts a hefty demand on athletes at any level.

On average, air is just 21-percent oxygen mixed with a slurry of other compounds, including carbon dioxide, ozone and particulates. When you take a deep breath, your lungs filter through junk just to get a small piece of the pure, rejuvenating oxygen your body needs. That’s when altitude sickness can hit — and hit hard.

Enter Boost Oxygen, a relatively new over-the-counter oxygen system made for athletes, Average Joes and everyone in between. It’s designed to bolster your oxygen intake when you need it the most, from an afternoon of hiking and biking to a full day of charging the backcountry, or even an evening of kung fu sparring. And that’s just what your lungs need when the rest of your body is fighting the environment.

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Written by Bill Banks