The Balance Guru Travis Horn and how Boost Oxygen supports his training and lifestyle 

If you don’t know about him already, we’d like to introduce you to Travis Horn – otherwise known as The Balance Guru. He is a former US Marine who is dedicated to fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and of course his amazing gift of inner strength and balance. He is also passionate about helping veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In February 2021, Travis appeared on “Go Big Show” on TBS and amazed a national audience with his balancing skills. A holder of one Guinness World Record, Travis is going for two more world records – and he chooses Boost Oxygen to support his training and healthy lifestyle! We recently conducted an interview with The Balance Guru Travis Horn – you can follow him on Instagram @thebalanceguru and visit his website at


QUESTION: How did you become so dedicated to balance and inner strength in your lifestyle? How often do you train to stay in such amazing physical shape?

TRAVIS: I started balancing and being really dedicated to my craft after I got out of the Marine Corps in late 2011. When I started, I didn't really see anybody else doing what I do now in the gym. I train 7 days a week - I became so dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that “down time is up time” and there's always room for improvement. Even at rest, I’m still active in my well-being. I do full body training and I also add weight from time to time. But it's mainly proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body) in kinetic chain firing with low impact exercises to gain strength, burn fat and gain movement.

QUESTION: Can you tell us more about your military background and why you feel so strongly about helping veterans with PTSD?

TRAVIS: At 18 years old I joined the Marine Corps. I learned how to teach and communicate as well as learn how people comprehend the way they learn. Comprehension is the key with health and wellness. Communication is my online profile while comprehension is my books and manuals from my website. I'm a 100% PTSD, so that is why I feel so strongly when it comes to helping other veterans because I know the mental struggle that becomes physical if it's not taken care of. I've developed programs I will have future wellness centers for veterans. That's why I feel so strongly on creating a veteran platform, a place and a community where it's active and daily.

QUESTION: Tell us about your Guinness World Record and the two records you are training for.

TRAVIS: I currently hold one Guinness World Record. It is for the highest freestanding handstand on a self-built platform - that was set in 2018 in Rome. I'm currently working on two world records now, and by time you read this I should have both. (Note: Travis is attempting both world records in early May). One is for the highest hippie jump on a longboard. I’ve been using Boost Oxygen during my training at the skatepark at Aroyyo Henderson Las Vegas BMX Park. Also, using White Wave Boards for my board. The other world record is for the farthest handstand hop from feet to hands. It is currently 8 ft 11 and I'm going for 10 ft.

QUESTION: Talk about your experience on Go Big Show – how has your life changed since the appearance

TRAVIS: The Go Big Show was an absolute eye opener. It was my first real experience on a reality show/talent show and let's just say it's definitely not as real as I am on a daily basis. I need to be on a stage teaching and helping humanity when it comes to movement, health and wellness. The best thing about that was meeting the amazing people there that also have their own dedicated crafts and talent.

QUESTION: You enjoy using Boost Oxygen on a daily basis for your training – how does it help you?

TRAVIS: My son and I absolutely love using Boost Oxygen on a daily basis since we are both training and very active. I train professional athletes and I teach all sorts of demographics all around the world. And Boost Oxygen is the one thing that you cannot deny that we all need, especially in this time right now. I love that the cans are super light and I think that it's amazing how something so light can be so powerful. You immediately feel the boost when the oxygen feels like it's going straight into my red blood cells. I will continue to use this throughout my life - and I’m planning a journey to go somewhere at high elevation because I feel that Boost Oxygen has my back. I truly appreciate the benefits of using Boost Oxygen!

Watch Travis during a recent teaching and training course:

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Written by Bill Banks