The Boost Oxygen Sports Performance Project

Boost Oxygen is proud to announce the Boost Sports Performance Project! In the coming months, we’ll be evolving and growing our Sports Performance department and taking it to a whole new level. There will be a greater focus on the benefits of supplemental oxygen for athletes for performance and recovery, developing new partnerships with more universities, athletic trainers and pro teams, launching a new Boost Sports Performance area on our website, as well as building on the success of our new Boost Sport oxygen canister as it debuts in retailers nationwide. Heading up the Boost Oxygen Sports Performance Project will be Hillary Stickney, a member of our National Sales Team. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more news about the Sports Performance Project!

You can also get the new Boost Oxygen Sport canister (along with two Pocket Size Natural canisters) as part of our AUGUST SPORTS SALE at our online store


To learn more about our Boost Oxygen Sport canisters, which was specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, visit


Boost Oxygen SPORT


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Written by Bill Banks