An Honest Boost Oxygen Review

The best kind of review is an honest one and this Boost Oxygen review by She Scribes is about as honest as they come. There is nothing scientific or extremely in-depth or pretentious about the review. A blog writer received some of our all-natural respiratory support, did a bit of research on our website (have we mentioned our Learning Center?), and used the three different aromas at her disposal. 


Supplemental Oxygen and Aromas

We didn’t just pick some nice smells to throw in our cans haphazardly. We spent years researching the best aromatherpeutic scents that would further benefit our customers. Peppermint helps with headaches and nausea, menthol eucalyptus helps with reducing stress, pink grapefruit is a mood enhancer and our rosemary THINK TANK is a memory enhancer. Combined with oxygen, these aromas can certainly perk you up, but they can also help you in lots of other ways, too.

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Written by Mike Grill