All-Natural Respiratory Support for Adventures

One of the main reasons that Boost Oxygen came into existence was for adventures. While an adventure can happen anywhere and at any altitude, the need for portable supplemental oxygen at altitude was pretty great. Even Boost Oxygen’s CEO, Rob Neuner, has talked at length about how much he benefited from all-natural respiratory support the first time he went to Breckenridge, Colorado. When we think of summer adventures, we often think about hiking and biking and running. Because all of these are aerobic adventures, Boost Oxygen can be a huge help!


GoNoMad’s Boost Oxygen Review talks about ‘a breath of fresh air,’ and while that is certainly a nice sentiment, it misses the boat slightly. Boost Oxygen is a breath of fresh oxygen, and if you are adventuring at altitude then that is exactly what you need sometimes. Our all-natural respiratory support is the perfect form of oxygen to go in super-lightweight, portable canisters. 

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Written by Mike Grill