The Most Essential Fitness Gear: Supplemental Oxygen

We’d like to argue that Boost Oxygen is the most essential fitness product you can own. Bustle recently included our all-natural respiratory support in their list of genius products to help you get fit. They are absolutely correct that supplemental oxygen helps a person get fit, but you might be wondering how. We will tell you!


Here’s the secret: there is no way to get fit quickly, it’s going to take some work. Guess what! Boost Oxygen can truly help you get in shape. There are lots of independent studies that show that supplemental oxygen aids aerobic respiration in cells, lower the buildup of lactic acid and increase energy levels. Basically you can workout for longer and recover faster by implementing all-natural respiratory support. Maybe this means you can workout twice a day instead of just once, or that you only need one day of rest instead of two, or that you can do twice as many reps as you used to. 


We’d put Boost Oxygen at the top of the Bustle list simply because our supplemental oxygen helps you benefit from all of the other items on the list that much more. 

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Written by Mike Grill