Portable Oxygen for Hiking

When it comes to the Boost Oxygen staff, we don’t know a lot of men manlier than our own Mike Grice. Which is why we were surprised that it took a website like AskMen so long to ask Mike his opinion on things. Mike is an avid hiker and runner and he shared some of his favorite outdoor gear with the website. Unsurprisingly, Boost Oxygen was at the top of his list. 


You can learn more about Mike in his “Meet the Team” video, but we wanted to focus on why he chose all-natural respiratory support as an essential piece of equipment. He uses supplemental oxygen to go both on his runs and on his hikes for a few reasons. At altitude, a can of oxygen helps him acclimate quickly and helps him stay on the trail as long as he wants. 


Mike also mentioned keeping a scarf in order to protect his neck from the sun. Well, Boost Oxygen helps here too! When the temperature soars, it can be taxing on your respiratory system. Throw in the dust and sand and other particles that are often in the air and having a can of oxygen on hand makes a ton of sense if you want to enjoy your hike.

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Written by Mike Grill