Boost Oxygen Becomes an Official Sponsor of the BTR Tour and Phenom Tennis

Change happens from the ground up, starting at the foundation. We have heard it all too often about “phenoms” who have burnt out and never completed the goals they worked so hard to accomplish. So, BTR Tour and Phenom Tennis decided to redefine the meaning of the word phenom by changing how families enter the sport and by enabling kids to play. Phenom Tennis will strive to find the perfect balance between competitiveness and a player’s health. The atmosphere of the tournaments will feel more welcoming than ever before. From the swag bag upon entry and the lunches provided each day, to the limitless prizes each player can earn, change is upon us. This is Phenom Tennis.

Boost Oxygen sponsors BTR Tennis Tour

“As the co-founder of the BTR Tour and Phenom Tennis, having Boost Oxygen join our sponsor family is the perfect partnership for our long-term vision” says Noah Rubin. “For our tennis being “reinvented”, Boost fits the term perfectly. They are reinventing how people prepare and recover. I have been utilizing Boost for over a year now and the change was immediate. Whether it is mental or physical, there are many times where the aid of Boost helps with mental clarity as well as the needed push to compete harder on the court. As athletes we all deal with days where your best is only a 5 out of 10, but Boost enables me to still be productive when those days occur. Beyond that, since I am able to recover quicker than ever, those days don’t occur as often. From the tennis court to the gym, to the office or even where the air quality is not ideal, Boost Oxygen is for everyone.”

“Boost Oxygen is excited to sponsor the BTR Tour and Phenom Tennis. Noah Rubin has done a tremendous job sharing the mental health journeys of not just past and present tennis professionals, but many others involved within the sport as well” says Rob Neuner, Boost Oxygen CEO and Founder. “The BTR Tour is injecting enthusiasm and excitement back into the sport from a fan’s perspective and the atmosphere promises to eclipse the most raucous historical Davis Cup matches. Boost Oxygen is the worldwide leading manufacturer of 95% pure supplemental oxygen that is non-prescription and available in the retail space.”

Rob Neuner continues, “Commonly referred to as ‘sports oxygen’ our lightweight and portable bottles will be available for the players to implement during their matches for supporting performance and a faster aerobic recovery – just as Certified Athletic Trainers of professional and collegiate athletes do. We are very proud to be part of this revolutionary concept.”

To learn more about the BTR Tour, visit THEBTRTOUR.COM

Boost Oxygen is available at trusted sporting goods retailers nationwide. To find a store near you that carries Boost Oxygen, enter your zip code at our website store locator.

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Written by Brian Hoek