Boost Oxygen: Every Sport. Every Season. Every Workout. The Summer Olympics have arrived and the greatest athletes in the world will be competing in front of the entire world! Did you know that athletes have been using supplemental oxygen during competition and training for decades? Water for hydration is important during any sport or exercise - but so is proper oxygenation for energy, recovery and performance! Boost Oxygen is portable 95% pure supplemental oxygen in lightweight and recyclable canisters. Watch this video featuring Boost Oxygen being used by athletes across many sports!

In celebration of the Summer Olympics (and for a limited time only) Boost Oxygen is offering our exclusive “Stars & Stripes” design Large Supplemental Oxygen canister!

We are also proud to announce that we will donate 5% of proceeds from sales of our Stars & Stripes canisters to TEAMUSA.ORG



Boost Oxygen Stars & Stripes

From the TEAMUSA.ORG website: “Unlike most countries, Team USA does not receive government funding for its Olympic athletes and programs. We count on people like you to help provide our athletes with the resources they need to become Olympians and Paralympians — and represent America on and off the field of play. Simply put, you are the Team Behind the Team!”

If you would like to learn more about TEAMUSA.ORG or make a donation, visit their website at

We hope everyone tunes in to the Summer Olympics and cheers on all the amazing athletes from around the world that will be competing!

Each Boost Oxygen Stars & Stripes canister contains 10 Liters of 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen.

Team USA


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Written by Bill Banks