Watch the first-ever Boost Oxygen animated video! The animated cartoon, created in conjunction with Inovit animation studios based in Irvine, California, brings Boost Oxygen and our products into a new and creative realm to help educate consumers about the benefits of supplemental oxygen.

Watch the first video below, with two additional animated videos set for release in the coming weeks.

“We’re really excited to release these cartoon-style explainer videos,” said Rob Neuner, CEO of Boost Oxygen. “We receive a lot of questions about Boost Oxygen such as who we are and what our product does. These explainer videos translate those questions into terrific answers that are very fun and easy to watch. These videos will help educate consumers about Boost Oxygen and we hope you enjoy them.”

To learn more Inovit animation studios, visit their website at

To learn more about Boost Oxygen, watch more videos at our YouTube channel or visit our Learning Center


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Written by Bill Banks